Match and meet new people

CityVibe have the portability factors, so you can meet and chat with real people while you are in the bus or probably waiting for an appointment, because CityVibe is an app that is used on the phone with easemaking you create a sense of comfort and trust from your mutual friend connection, CityVibe is an introvert’s dream come true, it is a 100% perfect way to connect and meet new and real people via your phone.

Creating of city ads to find city hotspot

CityVibe is a new and innovating way to connect with real people, create city ad, and to find city hotspot.

Create ads for your business

The new chemistry is back, CityVibe is a wonderful platform to promote your business or website , as we all know, all businesses needs promotion, because CityVibe is a popular app where people all over the world interacts, placing your ads make millions of people patronize your company or product with ease, without stress, creating ads and awareness by marketing your products or services on CityVibe imminently increases your sales. CityVibe makes you create and spread your brand as well as to directly sell your products and services to the public under one minute. So why not click on the app today to get started.

Browse places and people up to 50km (30 miles) radius

With no endless typing, CityVibe affirms you to skim places and people, feeling the CityVibe you can explore city places and people, like and match real people in real time up to 50km (30 miles) radius. Browsing people and places can be done from your home or on the spot.